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Anti-aging natural mold cream that uses vacuum molding technology for excellent adherence that helps maintain firm skin

■ Main Features
Applies vacuum molding technology taking out the air that can get inside the cream during the manufacturing process for a more natto-like firm texture
A natto-like molded cream that takes twice the amount of time for mixing compared to regular creams, differentiating the appearance and enabling a more natto-like texture

Handmade formula cream that is free from surfactants and silicone, mildly absorbs into the skin. Natural emulsification using natural oils and butter for zero irritation, dewy moisture and a soft finish

(10 free formula: Surfactant, silicone, paraben, denatured alcohol, mineral oil, artificial pigment, animal raw material, benzophenone, TEA, sulfate)

Softly applies to the skin creating a firm barrier and helps skin maintain moisture for long periods of time

Main ingredients
Essential oil from compressed marigold petals, bay leaves, olive oil
Moisturizing, hydrating effects of betaine, glycerin
Natural emulsification using palm oil -> hypoallergenic
Shea butter, cacao butter -> Prevents moisture evaporation

SIZE : 50ml

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