PyunKang Yul Eye Cream

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PyunKang Yul Eye Cream
PyunKang Yul Eye Cream
PyunKang Yul Eye Cream
PyunKang Yul Eye Cream

"The skin around your eyes is refreshed and rejuvenated by a newly opened eye cream, rich in nutrients."

Pyunkang Yul Eye Cream that offers you a high level of satisfaction with its easy-to-apply, gentle application and cost efficiency.

Efforts have led to an individual package for one pack a day therapeutics!
Protect the skin around your eyes with Eye Cream created and inspired by Pyunkang Yul?™s philosophy.

Special film on Pyunkang Yul?™s Eye Cream!
A double layer of aluminum has been adhered to a basic film to protect the cream from external harmful substances.

3 Healthy ingredients in Pyunkang Yul Eye Cream
Milk Vetch Root
The ?˜isoflavonoid??contained within the list of ingredients makes dull skin around the eyes firmer, stronger-looking, and eventually leading to healthy skin.
Ginseng extract
Rich active ingredients including saponin promote synthesis of collagen within the skin, improving elasticity and preventing aging effectively.
Shea butter tree
Vegetable materials collected from shea tree forms moisture protection barriers, enhancing the skin?™s defenses against external harmful substances in the environment.

Eye Cream for morning and evening use
A thin layer of sherbet texture is nicely applied and deeply absorbed into the skin, maintaining moist skin around the eyes during the day.
Highly nourishing and dense textures make tired skin around the eyes firmer.

Use Tip
01. Apply to dry and cracked lips to use as a nutritional essence.
02. Mix in cream and blusher use.
03. Use it in a foundation

PyunKang Yul Eye Cream
PyunKang Yul Eye Cream
PyunKang Yul Eye Cream
PyunKang Yul Eye Cream

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