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 NEW FACE is a name to bring with you on your journey in discovering a better you – the new you. We are thankful you have chosen to shop from our carefully curated product range.
Based in Brisbane, NEW FACE launched in 2019 looking to bring a personal yet luxurious experience to our customers, right from the online shopping experience by presenting you with specialised customer service through our live chat option, to the delicate and thoughtful packaging with samples included in each purchase. We offer well-loved, premium-quality K-Beauty products and brands, making K-Beauty accessible to our Aussie and NZ mates, bringing South Korea right to your doorstep.

The team at NEW FACE are working towards bringing Korean beauty products that are natural, eco-friendly, vegan-friendly and animal cruelty-free while keeping our packaging sustainable. We strive to be the biggest, quickest and most reliable direct access to all of your K-Beauty skincare and beauty desires in Australia and New Zealand. 

Official Australian K-Beauty Retailer

We take pride knowing that NEW FACE is the official Australian certified retailer of various big-name K-Beauty brands such as COSRX, Dear Klairs, I’m from,  iUNIK, Some By Mi, Heimish, Pyunkang Yul, Round Lab, PURITO, Benton etc. We want to ensure that each time you receive a package from us, you can smile brightly with comfort and ease knowing that every product is authentic, brand new, recently manufactured and imported directly from the South Korean head office.

Carefully Curated 

We only select and introduce brands to the NEW FACE product range after thorough research, meticulous evaluation and vigilant discussion to meet our standards. We aim to provide products that are cruelty-free, socially responsible, vegan-friendly, natural, and offers environmentally-friendly packaging. We choose to stock brands that propose a similar philosophy to that of NEW FACE – high-quality yet affordable, simple yet effective. 


Fast and Free Delivery 

We are located in Brisbane, Australia and are 100% Australian owned. We offer faster delivery than other K-Beauty retailers outside of Australia with free shipping over $50 purchases, guaranteed to arrive at your doorstep between 2-5 business daysWe have now extended our shipping services to our New Zealand neighbours to spread the love for K-Beauty. Free shipping to NZ is available for purchases over $100 with delivery guaranteed in 5-12 business days.


Eco-Friendly Packaging Only

With our minimalistic packaging, we use 100% recyclable material with absolutely no plastic packaging. No plastic tape is used. No bubble wrap is used. No plastic sachets are used. We guarantee that all deliveries are handled with delicacy and thoughtfulness, with packaging that will put a smile on your face each and every time. Let’s save and preserve our Earth together.

Your Satisfaction is Our Satisfaction. 

24/7 Sales, Free Samples, and Exceptional Customer Service. 

24 hours a day. 365 days a year. NEW FACE will always have a sale available. NEW FACE will always include free gifts and samples with each purchase. NEW FACE will always deliver the most professional and top-quality customer service. This is our pledge to you. NEW FACE always strives to satisfy our customers with reasonable and affordable prices, married with exceptional customer service. We choose to put you first by offering a new and unique tailored customer service experience that allows you to communicate directly with one of our reliable skincare and beauty advisors, aiming to ensure you are able to receive the best recommendations and to answer all your burning questions about any beauty concerns you may have. Your satisfaction will always remain our number one priority. 



The best
10/10 the best. Loved that you guys stocked me up with extra samples and the packaging was super cute. - Aliyah R

Purchase again
Awesome product and as described, would definitely purchase again and definitely from New Face. - Michael S

Amazing value
Very happy with the prices, the quick delivery and seamless checkout process. Amazing value for such a low price! - Richard H

Highly recommended!
Great customer service too. Really friendly team with great understanding of customer needs. Highly recommended! - Hiro F


Discover What Korean Beauty in Australia Can Do for Your Skin

Everywhere you look these days, someone is talking about Korean Beauty in Australia. That’s because Korean skincare technology is becoming known as some of the most advanced and effective in the world. People who have been using Korean Beauty products for any amount of time know that the manufacturers of these products don’t settle for “good enough” – they design products to create and maintain flawless, radiant, porcelain-smooth skin. Achieving youthful, glowing skin requires a little dedication to a good skincare routine – and the right products to use therein. You can find those products at NEW FACE.

The Benefits of Korean Beauty in Melbourne

There are many reasons that so many Australians are discovering what Koreans have known for so long – that Korean Beauty is a revelation when it comes to gorgeous skin. Here are a few of the specific reasons that these products should be in your regular rotation.

  • A focus on prevention. One of the primary philosophies of Korean skincare is preventing issues before they start. Instead of waiting for wrinkles or acne to show up and then treating it, these products are designed to be used from a young age to prevent problems from starting in the first place. The goal is to hydrate and nourish from the inside out, working on the deepest layers of skin to produce skin that’s truly clear, healthy, and glowing.
  • A high rate of new product releases. If you love trying new things, then shopping Korean Beauty online is right up your alley. Korean consumers do not favour brand loyalty as much as rotating their skincare products and keeping their routines fresh. They choose their products based on the latest research and trends, which means that Korean cosmetics brands constantly release better and better products to stay competitive.
  • Flexible skincare routines. Korean Beauty in Sydney is meant to be flexible and tailored, targeting specific skin types and individual needs. Not only can you find K Beauty products designed to target all the major skin types, but you can also find products formulated specifically to help users achieve specific beauty goals. Korean skincare routines are notoriously complex, often containing 10+ steps. However, the thing to remember is that you can include or exclude as many of these steps as you want, creating a routine that’s perfect for your unique skin.

Tips Regarding Korean Cosmetics in Melbourne

A quick look at any cosmetics website will tell you that the Korean skincare craze isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. There are so many products on the market and so many possibilities when it comes to creating a skincare routine for you that it might seem a bit overwhelming at first. Here are a few tips to help you keep it simple and get the most out of your Korean cosmetics in Australia.

  • Cleansing comes first. One of the biggest mistakes people can make in their skincare routines is underestimating the importance of cleansing. Simply rubbing your face with a makeup removing wipe and calling it a day is not enough. To truly remove dirt and impurities, you may even want to cleanse in steps, such as using an oil-based cleanser followed by a water-based cleanser to ensure that you’re cleaning away the full range of dirt, makeup, oil, and more.
  • Learn the terms. The more you learn about Korean Beauty in Sydney, the more you’ll realise that there are many new terms to learn. If you’re considering buying some new skincare products, then you’ll need to understand what these terms mean. For example, “whitening” products can benefit anyone – regardless of skin tone – because they target only hyperpigmentation and dull skin tone.
  • Start slow. If you aren’t sure where to start, or if your skincare routine has thus far consisted of just one or two steps, then you might not want to jump right into a full ten-step Korean skincare routine. You can ease your skin – and your wallet – into Korean Beauty by incorporating these products and steps gradually into your life. Try replacing products you currently use with K Beauty equivalents and then adding other steps as desired, such as an ampoule or essence.
  • Store your products correctly. You’ll get the most life out of your products (and they’ll be the most effective) if you take care to store them properly. It’s best to store cosmetics in a cool area away from direct sunlight, which means that your shower isn’t a good place to keep your products, nor is a shelf that receives lots of natural light. Instead, designate a drawer, a cabinet, or a box with a lid for your Korean cosmetics in Brisbane. Products that contain vitamin C are best kept in the refrigerator, which will help keep the vitamins from breaking down and changing the formula.


Are you looking for Korean cosmetics online? You can find everything you need at NEW FACE. We offer a wide range of the best Korean Beauty skincare products available, including cleansers, moisturisers, spot creams, toners, acne patches, brightening products, and much more. We strive to create a personal and luxurious experience for our customers, from the online shopping experience to our thoughtful packaging and free samples included with each purchase. We are excited about bringing Korean Beauty products to Australia and invite you to have fun trying our products and discovering your new favourites. Don’t hesitate to contact us on (07) 3849 0624 or at if you have any questions.