Korean Sheet Masks

How Korean Sheet Masks Fit into the K-Beauty Routine

At NEW FACE, we are often asked about K-Beauty and how the Korean Sheet Mask fits into the regime. Here, we breakdown the ten-step Korean beauty regime, aka K-Beauty, and how to select Korean facial masks to best suit your skin treatment needs.

Over the past few years, K-Beauty has become a mainstream beauty ideal galvanised by the flawless luminescence of Korean women's skin. A glow achieved through a ten-step beauty regime. Sometimes, this routine may include fewer steps, as some steps occur at night and some are only needed for the day. Moreover, some treatments might not always be necessary every day. Although the premise remains, this indulgent beauty routine cares, nurtures and delivers skin that naturally glows with or without makeup.

The Importance of the Face Mask in the Korean 10 Step Beauty Regime

Now, the Korean sheet mask treatment is actually step number seven in this wellness routine. It is also the one step in the K-Beauty routine that offers the most significant variability. The range of sheet mask treatments available is diverse, allowing you to tailor your treatments according to your concerns. First, let's review the ten steps.

  • A faultless method. Not all areas of the face are treated the same and with good reason. The skin around the eyes is delicate and requires a softer approach. This brings us to step one, eye makeup remover, followed by step two, often referred to as one of the essential parts of the skin regime, the double cleanse. The fist oil-based cleanser removes surface debris while the second foam or stick cleanser eliminates impurities within the pores. Depending on your requirements, this is followed by step three, in the form of gentle exfoliation, either practised daily, weekly, or monthly. Step four removes any leftover residue in the form of a toner.
  • Discover what works for you. Here, you can already see how some steps are a daily requirement while you can leave out other treatments depending on your needs. Moreover, some steps are best suited for day or night time practice. Essentially, you can tailor this routine to best suit you. Although you may skip some steps, the order of the regimen remains the same.
  • Continuity is key. This brings us to step five, applying a treatment essence that preps your skin for further skin therapies. Step six is the concentrated treatment step aimed at clarifying and brightening skin. Here, you can take the initiative to slather on your favourite boosters, serums, or ampoules. Taking us to step seven, the sheet mask, an excellent weekly hydrating treatment whether you follow a K-Beauty regime or not. Step eight is the much-needed eye cream for the more delicate skin area, followed by step nine, in the form of a sleep pack or day moisturiser. Lastly, step ten, one of the most critical steps in any skincare routine, is sunscreen application.

Tips Regarding Korean Face Mask Selection for Your K-Beauty Regime

There is a myriad of product options available, and there is no one treatment fits all approach to beauty. By following the K-Beauty regime steps, you can tailor your hydration treatment schedule based on your skin concerns. That's why we offer over 90 mask therapies, so you can treat multiple concerns within your beauty regime with our range of Korean sheet masks in Australia.

  • A curated combination that compounds efficacy. The reason this regime works so well is that each step enables the next step. Ultimately, these steps foster each product's maximum absorption, delivering compounding efficacy, much like compound interest.
  • Selecting products that best suit your skin. You'll find a myriad of K-Beauty facial products out there, each standing up to the test of excellence, utilising innovative quality ingredients. Although this is only half the journey, you still need to understand your needs and choose the products that best suit your skin type for each step.
  • The most significant benefit of a sheet mask in the K-Beauty regime is its hydrating properties. While sheet masks have several advantages, the most notable is their hydrating properties. Soaked in serum and crafted from a specialised paper to ensure it adheres to the skin, each offers a tailored hydrating experience. Taking the time to select a hydrating mask that best suits your needs is thus pertinent to the success of your skin goals. You are sure to find a Korean face mask in Australia that will compliment your caring for your skin with us.

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