The History of Whoo Bichup First Moisture Anti-Aging Essence Set


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"The Bichup first moisture anti-aging (Soon Hwan) Essence is an amazing skin product designed to leave your facial skin glowing, radiant and youthful-looking."

Developed with the utmost dedication here at The History of Whoo, it is the first step to an effective beauty routine. The results are fantastic; it creates a radiant appearance by improving skin metabolism and blood circulation ??a fundamental factor in healthy skin.

Bichup First Moisture Anti-Aging Essence 90ml
GongJinHyang:Soo Vital Hydrating Balancer 20ml
GongJinHyang:Soo Vital Hydrating Emulsion 20ml
GongJinHyang:Soo Vital Hydrating  Foam Cleanser 13ml
Bichup Royal Anti-aging 3-Step Set - 1ea (sample)

How to use
Bichup first moisture anti aging essence can be applied similarly to how you apply a toner, as the first step in your beauty routine, right after cleansing. Simply pour the desired amount onto your palm and apply it on your entire face, lightly massaging in for better absorption. The essence should look like a soft, translucent, golden-beige coloured liquid, and has an alluring herbal scent common to the History of Whoo products. It should absorb easily and rapidly after the application ??however the skin will feel moisturised for a long time (much longer than many of the typical toners out there).

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