I’m From in Australia

This unique Korean skincare brand in known for their natural and gentle products which are formulated to improve your skin’s vitality and radiance. Using the purest forms of natural extracts inspired by Korean traditional remedies, I’m From’s brand philosophy bases itself around transparency and honesty of the ingredients they use.

“Natural Korean ingredients and traditional remedies, reinterpreted through modern technology”

  • Nature as it is
    I’m From sources the highest quality ingredients from local farms all across Korea and formulate their product ranges with the maximum content of the selected material while minimising the amount of chemical processing each item goes through. This is done to deliver the unique benefits of each ingredient in their purest, raw forms to help transform your skin and for a healthier more radiant appearance.
  • This cruelty-free K-beauty brand is suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin because their product lines are free of all potential skin-irritating ingredients like parabens, artificial colouring, and denatured alcohol.
  • Some of their ranges include the Mugwort Line from Ganghwa, Rice Line from Yeoju and Honey Line from Mt Jiri.

Rice Toner

  • What it does
    Formulated with 77.8% Yeoju Rice Extract, this toner nourishes, softens, and brightens the skin while also providing lightweight moisture. It does this by removing dead skin cells and impurities while gently hydrating and revitalising your skin. This toner targets dull, tired and irritated skin and also improves the skin’s texture and moisture barrier to enhance the skin’s natural moisture retention properties.
  • How to use
    After cleansing your face, apply the toner to a cotton pad and sweep it gently over your face, or you can apply using your hands and gently patting the Rice Toner into your skin. Just remember to shake the bottle well before using. You can also apply the toner like a sheet mask. To do this, pour a reasonable amount of the Rice Toner onto a few cotton pads and apply the cotton pads to the areas of concern leaving them on for up to 15 minutes.