Best Korean Beauty Products

Choosing the Best Korean Beauty Products for Yourself

Where can you look for the best Korean beauty products available in Australia? With a history of intensive skincare regimens that goes back more than a thousand years, the Korean beauty industry has a long-standing pedigree and a reputation for superior quality. The world of K-beauty is intense and highly driven by competition, meaning there is always a new and innovative product hitting the market to try. For skincare and makeup lovers, these items aren't just a type of unique product you can't easily find in most stores — they're a better and more enjoyable way to care for your skin.

From cleansing your face and keeping contaminants out of your pores to protecting from the sun and more, Korean beauty products could be the perfect addition to your daily routine. At NEW FACE, we're proud to provide you with a direct link to many of the most well-loved K-beauty products and brands. Before you start shopping, let's explore some fast facts about the types of items we offer and what you should know.

The Benefits of Korean Moisturiser from NEW FACE

What kind of advantages might you experience by investing in the best Korean moisturiser you can find? Take a quick look at some of the benefits that make these products so popular:

  • Exciting formulations using natural ingredients in cutting edge combinations to deliver superb results that leave your skin feeling fresh and clean all day long.
  • Moisturising skin provides a first line of defence against blemishes and may help to promote healthier and more vibrant skin.
  • Korean skincare products often feature a formulation that is better for sensitive skin types. Korean-made products may offer effective and comfortable results that you can't find elsewhere for those who often struggle with moisturising products created for a Western buyer.

When Buying Korean Eye Cream, Consider This

Alongside moisturisers, we also stock some of the best eye creams available in the world of K-beauty. When you want to invest in this type of product, here's some helpful advice to consider:

  • Know what ingredients to look for when you're buying eye creams to be certain that you're using a product that will let you tap into its benefits.
  • Be sure to buy enough to keep your skincare routine going without interruption. Eye cream tubes tend to be smaller than other types of skin care products due to the sparing amount you need to use each day. However, that also means you might run out unexpectedly — so stock up to be on the safe side.
  • Consider how to combine an eye cream with the other K-beauty products you want to use in your routine. It's important to apply products in the correct order to maximise their effectiveness.

A Short Buyer's Guide to the Best Korean Vitamin C Serum

What if the product you want to find is a Korean face serum that will give your skin the nutrients and compounds it needs to look radiant? Here's a quick guide to selecting the best Korean serum for your needs:

  • Look to see what the serum doesn't have to build your confidence in a choice. For example, a good serum should be free from potentially irritating parabens and should not include any artificial fragrance agents.
  • Be sure to spot the amount of vitamin C that actually goes into the product formulation. Some serums use a lesser concentration of vitamin C, while others provide as much of this natural goodness as possible.
  • Zero in on the best-loved Korean brands to find the product that suits you best. From Klairs to I'M FROM and more, you'll find there are many serum options on the market. Try a few to see which one you enjoy the most.

Problems You Can Address With a Korean Cleanser

Some people choose to buy K-beauty products because they find the formulations work better for their skin type. When you buy one of the skin or facial cleansers we offer, you could address concerns such as:

  • Reduce the appearance of blemishes and skin irritation caused by allergens or a build-up of the skin's natural oils. Gently cleansing the skin daily can be a critical part of your skincare routine, especially if you spend more time outdoors.
  • Give your face its first layer of protection early on in the day, or conclude your evening with a cleaning scrub that leaves you feeling fresh for the next day.
  • Ensure the complete removal of any lingering makeup or other facial products and allow your skin's natural processes to go to work. Leftover product can clog pores and cause other problems.

What to Expect from NEW FACE Regarding Korean Toner

Toner is an integral element of any K-beauty routine because of the way it nourishes and prepares the skin for other parts of your routine. When you buy the toners we stock, you can anticipate the following:

  • A diverse selection of products from trusted and proven K-beauty brands that everyone will love. When you have a particular item in mind, we make it easier to find the toner appropriate for your needs.
  • Free shipping on all orders over $50, plus a free gift for our shoppers.
  • Solutions designed for all types of skin, so you never need to worry about being unable to find a toner that will work well on your body. When in doubt, we may be able to point you in the right direction.


Founded in 2019, NEW FACE has a simple mission — provide Australia and New Zealand with the best-quality Korean beauty products on the market so our customers can define their personal journey to feeling good in their skin. Our efforts to curate an excellent selection include many days spent tracking down everything from the best Korean toner to cleaners, moisturisers, and more. We invite you to discover a "new you" today. Need help? Have questions? Contact us now.

Find an Iope Air Cushion and Other K-Beauty Favourites at NEW FACE

Are you looking for an Iope Air Cushion or another popular Korean Beauty product? At NEW FACE, we’re bringing K-Beauty to Australia. That means that now, you can find all the luxurious yet reasonably-priced skincare products that you need to create your own personalised Korean skincare routine.

Benefits of Shopping Etude House in Australia and Other K-Beauty Brands

Korean Beauty brands, such as Etude House and Skinfood Australia, offer a vast selection of products formulated to nourish the skin down into its deepest layers.

  • Products and routines designed for long-term results. You can always find skincare products that claim to give you instant results. However, in K-Beauty, there is an emphasis on nurturing the skin gently toward the results you want. Consistency is key when it comes to achieving a healthy, glowing complexion. It’s this gentle, long-term approach that will give your skin a true inner glow.
  • A focus on customisation. Everyone’s skin is unique, so it’s important to understand yours to create an effective skincare routine. It doesn’t have to be complicated. Start paying attention to the ingredients in the products you use and how your skin responds to them. Then, you can look for those ingredients in other products. Nourishing your skin to its beautiful best is all about knowing what works for you.
  • Innovative inspiration. From serums containing snail mucin to ampoules featuring microneedles made of marine solids, these products incorporate unique ingredients not often seen in other types of skincare. Thanks to the rich Korean beauty legacy and traditions passed down through the generations, K-Beauty products focus on skin protection and health with natural ingredients such as mung bean, camellia, rice, and much more.

Related Services We Provide to Purito in Australia

If you’re on the hunt for a particular collection of K-Beauty products to add to your skin care routine, we can help. We offer a wide range of your favourite brands, including:

  • Purito. The Purito line of cosmetics uses natural ingredients to bring skincare back to basics. The goals of these products include relieving compromised skin barrier function and restoring optimal skin health. Purito offers various premium skincare products, such as Centella Unscented Serum, Defence Barrier pH Cleanser, Pure Hyaluronic Acid 90 Serum, Deep Sea Pure Water Cream, BHA Dead Skin Moisture Gel, and Green Level Recovery Cream.
  • Klairs. If you’re looking for products from Klairs in Australia, you can find them here. We love Klairs for their simplicity, their functional products, and the respect they have for the environment. Klairs features effective products free from harsh ingredients and animal cruelty with a focus on quality and affordability. Some of their offerings include Fundamental Ampule Mist, Supple Preparation Facial Toner, Rich Moist Facial Soap, Gentle Black Cleansing Puff, Fundamental Water Gel Cream, and Daily Skin Hydrating Water.
  • Dr.Jart+. Dr.Jart+ is a Korean skincare brand focusing on a blend of science and art for effective formulas that produce visible results. This line was created in 2004 in consultation with a qualified dermatologist to ensure safe and gentle – yet effective – products. Try one of these popular skincare products, such as a Dr.Jart+ Cicapair Calming Mask, Dermask Ultra Jet Porecting Solution, New Ceramidin Facial Mask, or Wrinkless Solution Gel Facial Mask.


At NEW FACE, we offer a wide range of high-quality Korean skincare products and brands. We work to bring Korean beauty secrets to Australians through natural, safe, and effective products, from cleansers and moisturisers to essences and ampoules – and much more. Many of the products we offer are eco-friendly, vegan-friendly, animal cruelty-free, and sustainably packaged. We focus on exceptional customer service, top quality, and competitive prices. If you have any questions about Korean Beauty or our products, don’t hesitate to contact us.